About Me

Welcome and thank you for checking out my website.

I am a young professional who spent the first quarter century of his life in a variety of IT environments, from software development to application support. My aptitude for IT allows me to thrive in any technology environment, where I enjoy solving problems in order to have a noticeable constructive influence.

For a long time, I have harboured an interest in all things transport-related, being able to spend hours staring at maps (I still find an old-fashioned paper map more pleasant to hold than panning across Google Maps).

In 2013, I embarked upon a career in Transport Planning where I was involved in promoting active travel through the implementation of the £33mln Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programme in the West Midlands with a key role in Birmingham. Since then, I have specialised in micro-simulation modelling using S-Paramics and VISSIM with experience covering the entire project life cycle. I enjoy making use of GIS for data analysis and presentation of results and maintain my interest in sustainable transport issues and urban design.

Apart from sports, travelling is one of my favourite activities and inevitably involves making use of a variety of transport means. This blog documents thoughts about transport (and a few other topics), which grew from my travels, discoveries and ideas. Invariably, there is also the odd ‘general’ post about something which sparked my writing from everyday life events. Regardless, I hope you find my writing interesting.

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Disclaimer: All views are my own and I’ll stand by them. However, I’m open to discussion – in fact, I encourage it! It’s the best way to learn and develop.