A foggy day…

Here it is, finally… the rain I’ve been waiting for all day. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer it to be sunny, but I am trying to be realistic. This is October in Edinburgh and the last couple of days of September were glorious, so I was not surprised to find that the forecast was predicting change. What did frustrate me though was that the morning was overwhelmingly hazy and hence unpredictable.

It then became decidedly foggy, so that even the other side of the street lost its normally sharp outline. The hill usually visible from the windows hid behind a solid veil of light grey, reminding me of the intensely foggy experience I had in the ARoS museum in Århus a few days ago and which I will hopefully be writing about soon.

Now I’m not sure if it’s an effect of the fog, or simply the acclimatisation from one location to the next, but my senses seem to be suffering from a similar dumbing down, as though my mind was a little foggy too – lacking colour and out of focus, just like the view outside. And now the first few drops of rain have left their ellipsis streaks on the window… what next?

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